Challenge & Empower

We help Sales and Marketing Executives design purposeful, growth-oriented programs that deliver long-term results.

Champagne Principle

The first glass of champagne is THE celebration. Each glass after that has less impact. Similarly, engagement programs can lose impact over time without planning and design.


Building authentic, two-way connections that strengthen the bonds between businesses and the people that make them successful.

Why Animate GP?

Your engagement programs can improve with design. AGP provides thought leadership, management, and best-in-class partners for customized solutions. We extend your team and scale to any size project.

Customer and Sales Engagement

A La Carte Strategic Design Services - No Project or Program is Too Small
Audience Diagnostics
Past performance analysis
Results-driving behavioral survey
Focus groups
Company values alignment
Qualification rules recommendations
Reward type analysis (max impact)
Custom segmentation
Original graphic design
Communications plan
Online and print creative fulfillment
Campaign management by segment
Program Support
Extend your team with our expertise
White-glove customer service
3rd party vendor management
Technology interface
Supplier Management
Quarterback a network of top providers of tech, rewards, etc.
Supplier teams power instant scalability of AGP services
Business Impact
Implementation of data analytics
At-a-glance mgmt. dashboards
ROI analysis by segment
Follow-up participant surveys


We welcome your comments and feedback in our "Perspectives" blog. In this business, none of us are as smart as all of us!


Sales and Marketing Programs

AGP can help engage your audience and achieve growth beyond expectations. We offer individual services and/or turnkey management of the following types of programs:

    Sales Engagement
    Dealer/Reseller Engagement and Loyalty
    Customer Engagement and Loyalty
    Direct marketing and co-marketing support

ATTENTION! Travel and Reward Providers

White-labeled to your brand, AGP will help you bring program design services to your clients. Instantly add deep expertise in solution design protect and grow your business. You can expect AGP to:

    Act as an extension of your team
    Reinforce your existing program
    Collaborate with any size customer
    Provide dedicated support to your business


Collaborating with clients, we lead the design process as follows:
We challenge our clients and ourselves with the difficult questions that align expectations, using advanced diagnostic tools and financial modeling.
Pull together all of the pieces: Insights, segmentation, strategy, rules, and communications into a formal and measurable plan.
Our team configures technology, connects rewards, training, and direct marketing elements to actively manage the program.
We believe every program deserves a complete review, performance dashboard vs. objectives, and continuous improvement plan.