Independent Incentive Design Support
Program Dashboard Reporting DesignStrategy

Many companies have internal tools for data visualizations and insights using BI tools (such as Power BI, Business Objects, or Tableau). However, the strategy and design expertise needed to employ those tools on an incentive program is sometimes not as easy to find. AGP will work with client IT  and strategy teams to deliver dashboards to monitor program results in real time.

Technology Scope and RequirementsStrategy

Based on the goals of your business and of your program, what technology support do you need? Or more importantly, how can you use the technology you already have, and only add components that fill in the gaps? An independent technology assessment is the single largest opportunity for clients to save both short-term and long-term budget and to identify new opportunities to engage the target audience.

Program Reward RecommendationsStrategy

Discover which rewards will have the greatest impact on your audience based on decades of research and experience. AGP will provide case studies and benchmarks showing which reward types (trips/travel, brand name merchandise, gift cards, cash, etc.) will have the greatest impact on your program’s objectives, both short-term and long-term.

New Program Rules Structure DesignStrategy

Are you just looking for some outside perspective on your program rules? AGP will work quickly to design a program structure that is aligned with your business goals, maximizes your program’s impact and embeds innovative ideas and thinking to help you stay on the cutting edge. We’ll do this in collaboration with you and your team to ensure alignment on day 1.

Program Scope and RFP WritingStrategy

Early stage design services may be used to create the RFP used to source supplier support. Very often, business requirements are not fully captured or vetted when going into a full-scale RFP process.  Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved by scaling the solutions required via the RFP and can save clients from paying for services or capabilities they just don’t need.

Future Financial Performance ModelingAnalytics

Using an existing or anticipated rules structure, AGP will apply current performance data to create a financial model that estimates future performance based on the selected rules structure. We provide clients with a calculator allowing them to adjust assumptions and growth rates for the coming year and accurately forecast reward payouts and ROI.

Comprehensive Program Design and Engagement PlanInsights

The comprehensive design assessment is an opportunity to create a best-in-class engagement strategy. Because this service is essentially a roll-up of several individual services already listed (Audience insights, Participant Journey Mapping, and Rules Assessment) we are able to roll multiple services into one and you realize a discount due to efficiencies gained.

Financial Modeling for Performance SegmentationAnalytics

Using your current data and program rules, AGP will run a segmentation model to help refine program rules structures for maximum impact. We will help identify thresholds, performance tiers, and accelerators that will help increase engagement and “move the middle”.

Current State Basic ROI MeasurementAnalytics

This basic ROI assessment helps you answer the question: “what are we getting for this program today?” We will review and segment your data (up to 2 years’ worth) and compare results to the costs of your current program. This is limited to one audience type. Included in the ROI report are selected recommendations to help improve the structure as well.

Participant Engagement Diagnostic Survey - PAVE Engagement ModelInsights

The PAVE Engagement Model (R) is an industry-leading design model that assesses all aspects of a person’s motivation to choose and remain loyal to a brand, not just their desire to earn rewards. This research-proven framework turns the incentive program into a verifiable strategic plan for sustainable growth and long-term engagement with your audience.

Mapping the Participant JourneyInsights

This design experience puts your team in the driver’s seat, while an expert facilitator from AGP helps navigate. In advance of the design session, we will interview members of the target audience, and then will fly to your location to lead a 1/2-day working session.  The result will be a fully documented participant journey map along with recommendations for desired experiences at each participant touchpoint, and an implementation plan.

Audience research and insightsInsights

Using people-centered design processes, AGP will get to know your program’s objectives and privately interview members of your target audience to assess the program and its alignment with your business goals. There are two variations offered with up to 4 or up to 8 audience member interviews. Note: all members must be of the same audience type (e.g. salespeople, or dealers, or customers … not a mix).

Program Consulting/Design and Best PracticesInsights

For new programs or general consulting time, AGP designers are available in 6- and 12-hour increments. Deliverables will include formal strategic and program recommendations based on the information we are able to review given the time allotted.

Current program rules assessmentInsights

AGP will evaluate your program’s current rules structure, assess the program structure against your overarching goals, and evaluate your prior two years’ results. Using industry benchmarks and guidelines, we will return a formal recommendations document with rules recommendations based on best practices and insights from your data.