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Are you responsible for your company’s award programs – trips for top performers, incentive reward contests, employee recognition?  Do you want to make those programs as effective as possible? We can help.
An entire industry is dedicated to the Science and  Art of

Human Motivation

and the execution of programs that deliver ROI. Now you can apply that same knowledge and experience to your programs as well – without the need to hire a consultant or vendor.


Do you ever wish you could just talk with an expert about your program? This community is for you. Experts and peers are standing by.


You are the expert when it comes to your people. The community provides design tools and curated research that can help you today.


As a coalition of program designers, our community can provide you with economies of scale, discounts, and elite perks (including travel).

Where can we help?

We have experts across many sectors of this appreciative industry. Let’s just say that when your mission is to connect with and engage people – this community can support your efforts and improve your program.

Top Performer Awards and Trips

Your best people are worth celebrating, and more importantly, are critical to future success. If you are responsible for your company’s appreciation of their efforts, our community can help you shine.

Employee Engagement

Companies with cultures of recognition and gratitude far outperform average firms. It isn’t enough to reward great behavior; we can help you apply best practices and innovations in employee programs.

B2B Incentives and Loyalty

Sales and distribution channels are extensions of your company’s brand in the market. In a world of competitive offers, our experts can give your company an edge by benchmarking your program against the industry’s best.

Become a Program Hero

Could your program use an immediate shot in the arm? Are you looking to continuously improve results? Do you want to be viewed as a true professional in motivation?